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Welcome to a new kind of college fair.

What you’re about to hear most likely contrasts everything you heard from your college counselor, or if you’re lucky, it doesn’t.

College Unfiltered (Previously College Unfair) aims to bridge the gap between the knowledge of different schools on the college application process through videos, this website, and digital toolkits. It’s time we debunk the myths and expose the facts that are making college inaccessible. Some schools receive college fairs with Ivy League representatives, some schools receive calls from military recruiters. Applying to college the right way shouldn’t be a secret.



Toolkits are PDFs made by students for students. Educating students about every aspect of the college process from picking schools, to financial aid,  to picking pathways, etc we have anything a student may need during their college process. 


We have created educational and informational videos that are posted on our YouTube. There are also exclusive videos that come alongside the toolkit that help guide the student through the many lessons. 



Our website showcases a page that will help you find a pathway and a major through detailed descriptions of the pathway, skills you may need, and colleges with the best majors for said pathway.

Contact Us!

Email us at or reach out to us on our various socials!

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