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*The room where we came up with College Unfair!*

Our Story

Let's face it, we have all—at one point or another—resorted to "college influencers" such as Arpi Park and John Fish when going through the college application process. The reality is, different groups of students handle this process very differently, where private school students have college fairs with elite representatives and private counselors, and many underserved public schools are left with YouTube and Google.

College Unfair's information comes from the real experiences of public school students applying to college, with assistance from teachers who have seen it all and have engaged with the college process constantly for the past 30 years.  As students who have been mentored on how to get through the process using our own unique talents and passions, we want to put everything we've learned along the way into one place for you!

Our Philosophy 



Jacey Lozada 

Carnegie Mellon University


Co-Founder and Co - lead

Kendall Arjoon

Class of 2023

IMAGE 2021-12-27 14_45_29.jpg

Co - Lead 

Shefali Breitbach

Class of 2023


Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 11.32.47 AM.png

Former Toolkit Design Lead - (2020 - 2021) 

Ashley N. Kim 

University of Southern California


Former Marketing Lead - (2021)

Fernando Rojas

Santa Clara university

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