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What are toolkits?

Toolkits are PDFs made by students for students. Educating students about every aspect of the college process from picking schools, to financial aid,  to picking pathways, etc we have anything a student may need during their college process.  You can have our first toolkit for free, you can find it below. 

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Let's Talk Money

RECOMMENDED FOR: Juniors and seniors

Money is tricky. Often times when applying to college, money becomes a barrier for students not to applying to certain schools and later becomes a primary factor when deciding which school to attend. Additionally, it is extremely hard to become literate in college financial aid. The "Let's Talk Money!" toolkit focuses on why money should not be a barrier when applying to college, dispelling the myth that state schools are cheaper than private schools, a walkthrough on applying for financial aid, and more

All about value

RECOMMENDED FOR: Juniors and seniors

When we think about how valuable college is, we typically consider how it’s valuable to ourselves and if it is even valuable to attend. Yet, an important thing to understand is that value goes both ways. People value college because of the opportunities it gives, such as being able to have a sense of independence and the ability to take courses that are meaningful to you. Colleges find value in diversity and in students that can make their school look fantastic. They want cool people, and you want a cool program that will help you pursue your goals. You, as a human being who has lived a life full of complex and inspiring life experiences, attract colleges.

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